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Dr. of Chiropractic
Earned Dr. of chiropractic degree after passing a series of exams administered by the National…
Rocco Venizelos Seminars - Doctor of Chiropractic - Injury Rehabilitation Expert - Sports Nutritionist
Seminars for athletic performance
In my seminars as a Sports Performance Specialist, i help competitive athletes increase their skill…
Rocco Venizelos - Tennis Coaching - Strength Conditioning - Rehabilitation - Nutritional advice
Tennis Performance
Coaching, Strength & Conditioning , Rehabilitation and Nutritional advice for athletes participating in Roland-Garros, Australian…
Worlds Strongman Giants Live Rocco Venizelos
Worlds Strongman Giants Live™
I help the World’s Strongest Men perform impossible feats of strength
Βιβλίο Μηχανικός Μέσης - Back Mechanic - Stuart McGill - Rocco Venizelos
Back Mechanic
Back Mechanic guides you through a self-assessment of your pain triggers, then shows you how…