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Eat Smart
The science of eating healthy is not an easy task. But it certainly is not impossible to undertake. Having a deep understanding of what humans desire, I can lead you, without extreme restrictions, to reaching full potential through a healthier and balanced eating lifestyle.
Reach Full Potential
An optimal physical state makes for an optimal way of living. I will assist you in surpassing daily fatigue by reaching energy limits you never thought were there and make sure you thrive in every endeavour, large or small, that comes your way.
Overcome Obstacles
Having helped numerous happy clients overcome long-lasting difficulties, I can guarantee you that there is no physical condition that can’t be tackled with efficient rehabilitation coaching. Together, we will set out for steady progress towards ultimate elimination of any physical setback.
Achieve Goals
If you are an athlete looking to strive, I can be the man to back your every move. Together we will unlock new capacity for improvement, steadily grow your performance and get you home with the prize cup. As simple as that.

Personal Trainer, Biostructural Correction specialist and Sports and Exercise Nutritionιst, if I had the right to choose and establish a title for what I am doing it would be a Professional in Human Optimisation, a title to keep in mind.

Lucky enough to have worked alongside world renowned coaches and champions including pro tennis athletes, basketball players MMA fighters,CrossFit athletes. I gained great experience in discovering how athletes can balance both the physical and nutritional aspects of their lives for optimum performance and injury recovery, whilst regulating the emotional ups and downs.


A perfectionist at heart, a passionate listener and a true advocate for long-term, long-lasting and not yo-yo style results, I am here to empower and give you the right focus, insight and accountability you need to achieve what you have dreamt of. And believe me, together we can achieve what you aspire and dream to achieve!

Last but not least, since strength training and especially pain rehabilitation is the Holy Grail for me, I am extremely proud to be at the forefront of the Lower Back Pain Patient treatment working alongside leading experts acquiring their methods for a life worth living and enjoying every moment!